I still remember the day we first met.
It was your birthday, I barely knew you.
I and the others were gonna give a little surprise for you.

It went very well.
You seemed so happy, you laughed and smiled a lot.

And my heart began pounding faster…


Days passed, we’re getting close.
I didn’t know where would that take me, but i was just pretty sure i was happy being with you.
I still remember when one of our dear friend warned me, she said “Don’t play with him. He’s my very dear. You hurt him, you hurt me, too.”
All I can do was smiled and answered “It’s not like he wants me that way.”
But I did pray in my heart you wanted me that way…

I still remember you suddenly came and picked me up for a stay over at your place.
And then I was packing my stuff panicky with red face and smiles i wasn’t able to hide.

I was freaking nervous, yet so happy.

That 2 nights, you learned something new.
You said “Now, I know your most favorite part while sleeping.”

“Hugged from behind”

I thanked God for that moment.


Not so long from that day, it came to me that I was the one who learned something new.
You said that we couldn’t be an item, you said that you still needed time to learn from your past experience, from your last relationship, because it didn’t work so well and you didn’t want to make the same mistake.

I just smiled and nodded and said “Whatever makes you happy”

And then you were slowly staying away from me.


I still remember yesterday.
You didn’t change that much.

I don’t change a bit.

Oh, there you were, with your boyfriend.
He’s cute and I could tell that he’s a good person.

I smiled, and my heart started beating faster.
Again. But in a different way.

It hurt.
and it still does.


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  1. peluk sini.
    sini peluk.

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